Chief Deputy

Casey Pitts holds the rank of Captain and is the Chief Deputy of the Laclede County Sheriff’s Office. Pitts was promoted from the rank of corporal to detective in 2017. In 2020 Pitts was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and in 2021 promoted t the rank of Captain. Pitts has overall command of patrol operations and investigations. She started her law enforcement career in 2007.

Pitts was named as the Missouri State Investigators Association Investigator of the Year in 2019. 

Pitts is a graduate of Conway High School. Her husband Phil is the Fire Chief of the Lebanon Rural Fire Department.  She has two sons. 

Director of Administration

Brigette Lowrance is the Director of Administration. Lowrance oversee the administrative staff which includes CCW permits, Sex Offender registration, clerical staff, finance, property room and quartermaster operations. Lowrance is the chief budget officer for the sheriff’s office. Lowrance started with Sheriff’s Office in 2018. Prior to the Sheriff’s Office she worked in banking industry. She and her husband Carl operated several local businesses. 

Lowrance is a native of Lebanon.  

Director of Support Services

Sam Allen is the Assistant Director of Support Services has operational command over Court Security and 911 Operations. Allen has over 35-years of management experience in the public sector. Allen retired from the Department of Natural Resources, at the time of his retirement he was Park Superintendent at Bennett Springs State Park. After his first retirement Allen became the Director of Transportation for the Lebanon R-3 School District. Allen left that position and spent 17-years as the Park and Community Services Director for the City of Lebanon. Allen retired from that position spent a number of years as the Deputy Coroner for Laclede County. Allen left that position and became the office manager and case supervisor for Court Probationary Services.

Allen served as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff in Laclede County in the 1980s, and was commissioned as a Park Ranger during his stint with the Department of Natural Resources. Allen’s great grandfather was the Laclede County Sheriff in the 1920’s and 30s. Allen’s grandson Jake Allen is a sergeant with the Sheriff’s Office.  Allen assumed his current position on January 1, 2017.

Allen is native of Lebanon. His wife Susan is a retired educator in the Lebanon Public School system. The Allen’s have two children. 

Jail Administrator

Jack Stone holds the rank of Captain of Detention Operations. He began his career in 2017 as a Detention Officer. He has worked as a sergeant and as the Training Lieutenant in the jail.

Stone is a native of Lebanon.