Sheriff Millsap Unveils New Uniforms

new uniforms
Sheriff David Millsap and Sgt. Jamie Painter model the new Laclede County uniforms and some new lettering on a patrol vehicle.
County residents who think they have seen some new lawmen patrolling Laclede County are mistaken.

Sherrif David Millsap decided to update the uniforms of the Laclede County Sheriff’s Office for the first time in 32 years.

Millsap, who has been in law enforcement long enough that he remembers when the Department went to the brown shirt uniform for the first time in 1985, said, “I have never been comfortable in a police uniform because they are just so heavy and bulky. This is the first uniform that you put on and you go ‘Wow, I can wear this uniform all day.’”

On first glance, the new uniform is misleading. What appears to be a normal khaki shirt with pockets, collar and buttons is actually two items of clothing: the pocketed portion is a bulletproof vest while underneath is a breathable polo-style shirt sporting the usual patches.”